Complex Systems Group, at the Chemical Biology Lab , NICPB, Tallinn

Welcome to the home page of ComplexSimplex , our group of Complex Systems based at the Chemical Biology Laboratory of the National Institute of Chemical Physics and Biophysics in Tallinn.

About us

We are a team of researchers with heterogeneous backgrounds and use the tools of complex systems theory to study different problems, systems, and processes.

Our research focuses on cell network dynamics, stochastic and diversity-induced resonance, role of noise and diversity in power-law formation, cultural and language dynamics, natural selection and evolution in heterogeneous complex systems.

In this page you can find links to information about our research activity. Contact us in case you are interested in our work and want to ask some questions.

Group members

  • Clément Zankoc [ETIS]


  • Grant PRG 1059 (Estonian Research Council)
    "The Role of Learning in Language Competition"
    PI Marco Patriarca


Future conferences on Complex Systems

Recent lectures

  • October-December 2021, Taltech.
    Course of Econophysics (M.Patriarca)

Recent presentations

  • October 25-29, CCS-2021 (the Conference of Complex Systems 2021, organized by the Complex Systems Society).

      • Hubs, diversity, and synchronization in FitzHugh-Nagumo oscillator networks: Resonance effects and biophysical implications, S.Scialla, A.Loppini, M.Patriarca, E.Heinsalu.

      • Recent results in the Bayesian naming game, G.Marchetti, M.Patriarca, E.Heinsalu.

  • September 13-15, SR40 (Stochastic Resonance 40 years)
    Hubs, diversity, and noise in FitzHugh-Nagumo oscillator networks: Synchronization and Resonances, S.Scialla, M.Patriarca, E.Heinsalu.

Recent publications

  • Influence of invasion on natural selection in dispersal-structured populations,
    David Navidad Maeso, Marco Patriarca, Els Heinsalu,
    Physica A 547, 124427 (2022),
    Final version available on ScienceDirect
    (until June 11th) at the link:

  • The interplay between diversity and noise in an excitable cell network model,

Stefano Scialla, Marco Patriarca, Els Heinsalu.

Europhysics Letters (2022), accepted.
preprint (accepted manuscript)


preprint: arXiv:2203.12506

  • Hubs, diversity, and synchronization in FitzHugh-Nagumo oscillator networks: Resonance effects and biophysical implications,
    Stefano Scialla, Alessandro Loppini, Marco Patriarca, and Els Heinsalu.
    Phys. Rev. E 103, 052211 (2021).
    preprint: arXiv:2105.05652

  • The role of bilinguals in the Bayesian naming game,
    Gionni Marchetti, Marco Patriarca, Els Heinsalu.
    Physica D 428, 133062 (2021).